in-class 11/13

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In preparation for website workshop day 1, please respond to this post with a comment of approximately 200 words that has the following two parts:
  1. Articulate what you intend to accomplish during website workshop day 1 (your Gantt chart may be helpful here)
  2. State what I can do during website workshop day 1 to help you meet your goals (for example, do you need specific resources or training?)
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Group 1 Workshop Day 1

We want to accomplish 4 things:

1) Starting the back-end writing of the website.
2) Creating buttons/logos for the site using Photoshop
3) Separating content into specific pages
4) Creating final template

Submitted by dayodel on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 18:28.
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Group 2

1. On Thursday, our group will create a “skeleton” layout for the website. We will discuss how to divide the necessary content needed within the website. This may include a creation of a flowchart for organization purposes. We will also discuss the idea of an alternative calendar and reach a decision on how we will approach this. Roles will be assigned according to who will do what type of coding in preparation for Tuesday’s draft. Deadlines will be put in place for when the coding should be finished. The design plan will be examined and final revisions will be made before next Tuesday. Our group will hold a consultation where we will discuss any answers received from our liaison and brainstorm new questions, if needed. A final discussion concerning the logo will take place. Also, after viewing our progress on Thursday, a decision will be made concerning attendance on the following Tuesday.

2. No accommodations/resources are needed for our group’s production on Thursday.

Submitted by sarlwils86 on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 18:29.
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Group 3 website workshop day 1

Group 3 plans on having an open source web design template chosen by 11/15. We plan on taking the CSS and creating a template for our own site that will include the header and main navigation. From there we would like to focus on adding content to some of the individual pages, and decide where the calendar will be located. After that we will decide on how to handle the administrative section of the site. The admin section will be for her to change FAQ's and calendar events, etc.

At this point I don't think we need anything from you.

Submitted by Bdawg8569 on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 18:32.
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Group 5

What we need to accomplish this Thursday:

1. Revised Design Plan preliminary work. Start finalizing the plan.

2. Finish site map hierarchy. Organize the content to fit into the various sections of the site. Determine what those sections are.

3. The content itself of each section of the site. Delegation of tasks regarding each section and the content therin.

4. Compile list of questions to be answered by Karah Rowling.

5. Gantt chart updation.

Submitted by Adam on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 18:34.
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Workshop Day 1

1 – The most important thing for us to accomplish next class is to choose a basic template design and to organize our content. Choosing the content in which to be organized will mostly be taken directly from the original client’s website. Organizing content mainly includes showing where specific links lead and how information appears within each individual page on the site. After the information is organized we plan to choose a visual theme in which we can tie all of our website elements together. Within all of these steps we will decide which specific technologies will best incorporate certain functions of the website. These functions include calendar, reservation tools, contact tools, etc. We may add steps to our gantt chart as we work on our website. We may come across certain obstacles in the future which we have not taken into consideration within the gantt chart. So in order to accommodate those we plan to not only follow the steps of the gantt chart but also to add steps to our gantt chart as we see needed.

2 – At the moment we have the resources and training needed to reach our goals next class.

Submitted by rsaba on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 18:34.