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An issue about the portfolios came up that I should address. If you are making an online portfolio, you may use a template (such as those from, but in order to get a high grade you must demonstrate significant modification of the template. This is because design is a component of the grade, and if you just used a stock template, then you would not really be doing the designing.

Also, don't forget that the portfolio is due next week. I will be in my office (HEAV 207) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:00-4:00. You should turn in your portfolio during one of these times. If you are doing an online portfolio, you may email me the link to it anytime before Friday 4:00.


Presentations take place on April 10, 12, and 17. We signed up for presentation days in class today (April 5). The folks who weren't in class were assigned slots by me. Click here for the sign-up sheet.

Presentations are short (~5 min.) and designed to elicit feedback from the class. Tell us about your multimedia text, show us what you have done and what you have yet to do, and ask us at least 2 specific feedback questions.

Presenations are a 2-point homework grade.


Please have your Promotional Material draft posted by Wednesday, 3/21. Please post your Promotional Material as files and put specific questions you have for your reviewers in the body of the comment.

If you have any problems or questions, contact me by email. In class on Thursday, we will have some time to work, so remember to bring whatever files or materials that you need.


Remember that you need to have your CD package draft posted by Monday, 3/19. Please post your CD package as image files and put specific questions you have for your reviewers in the body of the comment. There is an example posted here.

If you have any problems or questions, just contact me by email. In class on Tuesday, we will have some time to work on our CD packages, so remember to bring whatever files or materials that you need.


  • Because we weren't able to go over how to respond to
    the draft CD Package Design Plans, we will wait to do those until Thursday. So, just make sure that you get your draft posted anonymously, but don't worry about doing any responding.
  • Also, remember to read Berger's "Sex as Symbol in Fashion Advertising" for Thursday. Brad, James, Kyle, Lailah, Michael, and Melissa should bring in a 1-2 page document over this reading.
  • Finally, remember to locate a promotional material that we can analyze on Thursday. This includes magazine ads, posters, online banner ads, etc.
  • Email me if you have any questions.


Just as friendly advice, when it is your turn to do a report over one of our readings, you should remember that there are two parts to the report:

  1. a summary
  2. a discussion of how the reading might be useful in the context of our project

The second part, the discussion of how the material might be utilized, is more important, and should take up the majority of your report. (We all read the article, so the summary is not quite as useful as your ideas about how it can be used.) To that end, don't be afraid to put your ideas out there. The purpose of this is to share our thoughts about how to approach Project 2.

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This class has been cancelled for today, as have all university classes, due to inclement weather. Today's class was a workshop day, so it would be a good idea to speak with your fellow group members about finishing your websites. They are still due next Tuesday (2/20). Email me if you have any questions.


The design technique seminar presentation times will be:

Tuesday (2/6):

  • Alexei, Stephen, Mike, Anthony (small tutorial on CSS)
  • Nick, Catherine, Anuttam, Ashley (how to create/modify images and logos for websites with photoshop)

Thursday (2/8):

  • Aaron, Amber, Brian, Melissa (how to make Flash buttons)
  • Steven, Brad, Troy, James (how to use html forms)
  • Kyle, Lailah, Angelica, and Edward (how to take photos from a digital camera and prepare them for the web)

Good topics this semester. I look forward to them.