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Service Learning Project Presentation Rubric

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The Service Learning Project Presentation rubric is available through this link.

Service Learning Project Proposal Structure

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An effective structure for our Service Learning Project Proposals is outlined below. Please bring two hard copies of your group's proposal to class on Monday (4/19).

Service Learning Google Document

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This link goes to the Service Learning Google Document. You will be able to edit the document once you log in.

Optional Midterm Supplement

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See the attached document for information about how to add points to your midterm score. Optional Midterm Supplements must be turned in by Monday, April 26.

Instructions Project Rubric

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The prospective Instructions Project rubric is attached. We will discuss/make changes in class.

Instructions Analysis Exercise

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If you located an instruction set online to analyze, please post its URL below. In class, we will look through the posted instruction sets and pick out the three we each think are most effective. Afterward we will share our choices and discuss any patterns we notice.

Corporate Communication Project Rubric

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The votes are in, and American Apparel's rubric has been chosen by the class. This is what I will use to score your Final Maps.

Design Plan Criteria

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The following is a list of criteria that will help you make your design plans the best that they can be.

Corporate Communication Project Topics

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The votes have been counted, and the following five corporate crises have been chosen by the class:

NBC scheduling (Jamie Revill)
American Apparel labor issues (Samuel Coulon)
Toyota Recall (Justin Sonnett)
Nokia relationship with Iranian government (William Noell)
Kryptonite lock deficiencies (Lauren Gibbons)

People whose topics were chosen will receive individual bonus points. If your topic was not selected, you will sign up for one of these groups on Wednesday (1/20). Sign up doesn’t begin until class time Wednesday, and then it is on a first-come basis. Groups cap at four members each. As such, you should consider alternatives in case you are unable to sign up for your preferred topic.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

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