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Apr. 10 class discussion links

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Extra Credit

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All students have one overarching extra credit opportunity. To participate, a student must present a display over work created for this class at the English in Action Showcase.The Showcase is akin to a science fair but for English projects. It takes place on Tuesday, Apr. 22, from 3:30–5:30 in the Warwick Center. If you're interested, check out the participant guidelines and then complete a reservation form (either .pdf or .docx).

A student's display should present material created for one of the projects in this class. Displays may be posters (CSURF will print posters for you), trifolds, laptop presentations, or something else. Displays are multimedia objects, so elements such as images, tables, diagrams, video, and sound are encouraged. Students must be present during the English in Action Showcase to present their materials.

Through this opportunity a student may add up to five points to his or her "Reading Quizzes" grade component. Point assignment is completely at the instructor's discretion.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Jan. 30 class cancelled

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The university has cancelled classes for Thursday, Jan. 30. Please come to class on Tuesday, Feb. 4, with your Book Jacket drafts. Also, make sure to have read chapter 2 in the Document Design textbook. We'll revise the schedule once the university announces how missed class time will be handled.

Jan. 28 class cancelled

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The university has cancelled classes for Tuesday, Jan. 28. Class will not meet but students should do the following:
  1. Take Reading Quiz #3 about Document Design chap. 1 before Jan. 28 at 11:59pm. It is an open-book quiz.

  2. Prepare two distinct book jacket drafts for the workshop on Thursday, Jan. 30. Both drafts should be for the same public domain book but each should correspond to a different aesthetic school. The drafts can be electronic or print; they just need to be shareable in class. Students should be able to discuss how each draft reflects the principles of its corresponding aesthetic school but shouldn't get too hung up on this; the point is to use the schools to expand rather than limit possibilities. The graphics tutorial video walks through the process of making a draft so students should be sure to watch it. Although the tutorial covers Adobe Photoshop students might consider using alternative image editors such as Pixlr Editor.

Feel free to contact the instructor with any questions.

Jan. 23 class discussion links

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Intellectual Property (IP) information:

Where can I get images or material for my covers?

  • Anything you create yourself
  • Creative Commons-licensed works
  • Public domain works
  • Royalty-free works

Where can I get inspiration?

There are websites like this one where people summarize their books and designers offer competing covers.

Jan. 21 class discussion links

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Jan. 16 class discussion links

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