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Exit Interview Schedule

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Monday (4/26)

11:50 - Rachel Hodges
12:00 - Amber Hughes
12:15 - Olivia Cunningham
12:30 - Amy Albea
12:40 - Claire LaSure
1:50 - Wes King
2:00 - Erin Brennan
2:10 - Navid Sharifian
2:20 - Bethany Newlin
2:50 - Ashley Barker
3:00 - Justin Lacy
3:20 - Allyson Lorick

Tuesday (4/27)

1:00 - Amanda Marett
1:15 - Ashley Ladd
1:30 - Joey Rabin
1:45 - T.J. Mulligan
2:00 - Linda Newell
3:00 - Maria Celenza

Podcast/Vodcast and Corresponding Website Rubric

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This rubric is based upon the draft rubrics we turned in and our class discussion about important criteria (please excuse the shocking lack of parallelism in the list items below).

English in Action forms

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The English in Action participant guidelines and reservation forms are attached to this post. If you or your group are interested in participating, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss extra credit.

Podcast/Vodcast In-Class Activity 3/9/10

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Select one of the posted podcasts/vodcasts that you didn't comment upon and find another podcast/vodcast online that has a similar subject. Post its address in a comment.

Podcast/Vodcast In-Class Activity 3/5/10

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After listening to the different class leaders, explain what you believe is the most important subject or point discussed today for your own work (and why) in a comment of approximately 100 words.

Podcast/Vodcast Advice

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This is the list we generated about podcast/vodcast adivce. Use it with your posts.

Focus on content
Pantyhose windscreen
Beginning, middle, end structure
Establishing an identity
Short, tight focus
Interesting to other people
Multiple participants can help for conversational tone
Appropriate use of video for visual information
Importance of suiting audience
Leave them wanting more

Amount of practice
Blanket use of particular strategies

Podcast/Vodcast Blogging

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During week 14 and week 15 each student will lead a 5-10 minute class discussion over an example podcast/vodcast that he or she has located. (Students should select podcasts/vodcasts that have similar subjects to those they would like to address in their own podcasts/vodcasts.) Before leading discussions, students will make a blog post about the selected podcast/vodcast containing the following information:

  1. A link to the podcast/vodcast.

2/19 Design Plan workshop

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After reading the introduction, write down a response in which you outline how you would complete the document. Discuss topics such as how you would demonstrate the subject's relevancy and what technologies you might use to cause a tangible change.

We will share responses in class. Feel free to use the computers for research.

Online Community Advocacy Project Topics

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The votes have been counted, and the five topics we will pursue for our Online Community Advocacy Project are:

Soap Dispenser
A Healthier You
iPrint Stations for Morton
Recycling on Campus
Off-Campus Food Dollars

These pitches are now marked in boldface on the “Individual Topic Pitches” page. I encourage you to read through them. On Monday (2/15), we will sign up for topics. Groups cap at four members, and topic choice will be first-come first-served, so you’ll want to figure out your first choice and a back-up option.

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