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End of semester

Now that the semester has ended, we wanted to take a few minutes to thank
everyone for a successful semester. Online classes present unique challenges,
and we are pleased with how well the classes performed. Your participation and
effort kept the class running with insightful and interesting conversations.
Additionally, your cooperative group work, conducted despite the difficulties of
distance communication, provided much needed documents to local organizations.
You represented Purdue well in your work. Thank you for a great course, and good
luck in the future.


The FAQ is the place where we post all the questions we've gotten about the course. It may contain answers to questions you've had yourself, or hadn't thought to ask. Read through carefully, and if you'd like a question added, send it along.

Final Humane Society Documents

The Final Humane Society Documents.

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Remember to do Individual Work Blogs and Group Activity Reports for Week 8

This is mentioned on the calendar and in the FAQ, but please remember that your individual work blog for week 8 is due by midnight on Friday, August 3. The group activity report is also due by Sunday, but you might want to turn that in early.

Service Learning Assessment form attached.

The Service Learning Project Assessment form has been attached to the Service Learning Project page and the Week 8 calendar page. This completed form is due to your instructor by Friday, August 3rd by email.

Humane Society Comments Posted

I just received comments from the Humane Society on Weber's Service Learning Projects, and posted them under your second draft peer editing posts. The Humane Society put thought and effort into the posts, so please consider them carefully. Some are blunt and may challenge your favorite aspects of the brochure, but remember, the customer is always right. I will send a longer email about the service learning project tomorrow. Keep up all the hard work.

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Tirrell Service Learning groups draft 2 comments

Tirrell's Service Learning groups now have comments from CFRC on their service learning draft 2 blog posts. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Tirrell Service Learning groups draft 1 comments

Tirrell's Service Learning groups now have comments from me and CFRC on their service learning draft 1 blog posts. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Humane Society Pictures

The Clinton County Humane Society sent along a few pictures of the facility that Weber's class is welcome to use in their brochures - though you can also include pictures from the Clinton County Humane Society website and free image sites. The photos are attached below and on the Weber Service Learning Project Page. I apologize for the delay on getting these.

A Note on the Work Blogs and Activity Reports

The Service Learning Project seems to off to a good start. Judging from the activity reports the groups are sending, everyone seems to be working hard and making progress. However, we just wanted to give a gentle reminder to produce detailed, quality work blogs and activity reports. Remember, the project description specifies that "These activity reports (250 words each) should briefly and professionally describe work completed and how this work contributed to the goals of the group." Work blogs should be at least 200 words and describe your specific work and how it contributed to the group.

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