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Just a few final reminders:

  • I will return your Project 3s on Thursday (12/7).
  • You need to send me an email with the link to your online portfolio on or before the Friday of finals week (12/15).
  • If you haven't taken the midterm retest, I encourage you to schedule a time with me to do so.

This is probably the last message from me for this semester. I hope each of you got something valuable from the class. I enjoyed being your instructor. If you have any questions that I can help with in your later lives, you can always contact me through email. Good luck in the future.


I have responded to the questions you posted today in class. It looks like there was a fair amount of interest in a basic web design tutorial, so over the remaining 3 class meetings, I will go over how to create a basic site on your student webspace using Dreamweaver. Students who don't feel they would benefit from this tutorial are free to spend class time working on their portfolios. I ask that students who plan to participate in the tutorial sit near the front of the room and those that do not sit at the back.

Also remember that Project 3 is due this Thursday (11/30). You also can schedule a midterm retest for any time between now and the end of the semester.


You are free to turn in Project 3 on Thursday, Nov. 30, instead of Tuesday, Nov. 28, if you want. Remember that there are 3 parts to Project 3:

  • The multimedia text itself
  • The final draft of the design plan
  • The final draft of your rubric

We will start with the portfolio on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

Also remember that you can schedule a retest for any time between now and the end of the semester. The retest is short and shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. The questions are taken from the in-class exam (only the fill-in-the-blank questions, not the essay ones).


I encourage you to make use of the midterm retest option, whatever your midterm grade. You can add up to 20 points to your in-class grade, and that can make a difference in your overall score. It can only help you.

As I mentioned in class, the retest is short (approximately 3-5 questions). The questions are taken from the in-class exam itself, so you should use it to study. The questions are of the fill-in-the-blank variety; no essay questions are on the retest.

There isn't an official, in-class time for the retest. You can scehedule a time for your retest by contacting me through I would prefer to use my office hours for this (after our class until 4:00), but I will work with you to find a time that is acceptable to both of us.


Remember to find a source/model text that is similar to what you want to do for Project 3, and that you think works well. Bring your source/model text to class on Thursday, Nov. 2 (unless you can access it online). On Thursday we will analyze these texts to find out their successes and failures. From there we will generate an assessment rubric that incorporates these criteria. I will use your assessment rubric later to help score your project.


The midterm exam takes place on Tuesday, Oct. 24. There is both an in-class and a take-home component. There is more information here.


Remember that we do not have class on Tuesday (10/10). On Thursday (10/12), we will have a draft workshop. Attach the following files to your group's wikipage:

  • Your CD package (label, jewel box, etc.) and design plan
  • Promotional material 1 and design plan
  • Promotional material 2 and design plan

If you have any problems, let me know ahead of time so we can work something out.


The following groups will present their reading seminars on Tuesday

  • Doogs, Basheer, Buckner (Twitchell - "What We Are to Advertisers")
  • Hobbs, Famarin, Kim (Calfee - "How Advertising Informs to Our Benefit")
  • Hudson, Koon, Kupke (Steinem - "Sex, Lies, and Advertising")

The remaining groups will go on Thursday (9/28). They are:

  • Schapker, Lambert, Lapin (Hine - "What's in a Package")
  • Seiffert, Miller, Michalos (Berger - "Sex as Symbol in Fashion
  • Stahly, Lee, Nyczak, Stath (Barthel - "A Gentleman and a Consumer")

Seminars will cover your group's reading and should be 15-20 minutes. Seminars should include some sort of interactive class component. If you find that your presentation is too short, keep in mind that a good class activity could take the majority of your alloted time. Think about what kind of activities you could do that relate to your reading.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


A new page has been added that provides Dos and Dont's for the source map critique. Remember to focus both your source map critique and your self critique by examining how the terms and concepts we have discussed function in them.